National Geographic

The Brain Show

VR stunt

The Brain Show - National Geographic Channel

Live installation


To show the magic mystery of our brains, we’ve created an interactive experience that demonstrates how powerful, responsive and creative every brain can be, if correctly stimulated.

By increasing concentration and focus they can paint, play music, spin and distort their 3D head reflection.

Interactive experience

The Brain Show is a 5 minute interactive experience that combines the Oculus RiftTM viewer plus a Neurosky EEG Headset to guide users in making their own interactive audio - visual show, which will be controlled by their brain.
After following a simple learning process users understand how to control and direct their performance.

In addition to the scientific as well as artistic purpose of the project, the aim is to grow awareness for Nat Geo Channels’ Brain Games and other Brain-related TV formats, with an experiential marketing activation which sees the latest technological devices being used in an unprecedented way.

The first Brain Show was launched in Sidney, at the Australian Museum Science festival in August 2015 and more are coming soon.