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Digital and Social media Campaign Metahuman

Sigma Coatings Metahuman Launch

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We managed to give a face and voice to Sigma Coatings' technology by creating a MetaHuman based on the key visual of the Sigma Expert product campaign. Develop an exceptional digital campaign with a distinctive visual identity. Provide Sigma Coatings' customers with compelling new digital content that enhances the brand's presence across various digital touchpoints.

What's more we created a virtual production that seamlessly blends creativity and technology. This production involves the utilization of a MetaHuman, meticulously crafted using Unreal Engine, to interact and communicate within a fully immersive virtual environment. Furthermore, we have generated a unique voice for the MetaHuman utilizing an advanced AI text-to-speech tool. Through this virtual production, we aim to captivate audiences and effectively convey the message and vision of Sigma Coatings' campaign.