Pasta Garofalo & Xister

When continuity matters

Social and Digital Strategy

Pasta Garofalo



The essential elegance of good food

For the new website, xister adopts an elegant contemporary style, aligned with the “transparent” image of the brand, where also the UX is centered on clarity and efficiency.

International Coordination

A Multi-language, multi-culture team dedicated to roll-outs.

Product Storytelling

A deep knowledge of the method and ethics at the basis of the most of Italian products.

Conversational Cooking Experience

Recipes and assisted cooking.

Irony and good taste, a social tone of voice cooked firm to the bite

Illimitable personality and quality, with a new voice

The new Pasta Garofalo and Cook Skill

Born from the collaboration between Pasta Garofalo and Cook by Corriere della Sera, the new Alexa Skill curated and launched by xister combines a solid collection of innovative and practical recipes and functions. For example, that to “empty the fridge” and prepare a dish with ingredients already available in the home, or to match a recipe to the climate or weather of any given day.

Authenticity and high quality, at a glance

Success stories

Conceived and developed by xister, the first set of stickers for the brand, immediately adopted by thousands of users for their Instagram Stories, allowing Garofalo to enter the lives of its audience even more.

Some of the stickers produced for the Pasta Garofalo Stories.

Under the supervision of Xister, Casa Surace creates a series of viral videos for the brand