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Kellogg's Extra Match and Krave Party

Co-creations with Influencers

Kellogg's Extra Match and Krave Party

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok


Music for all tastes

4 original covers, 2 Instagram live music talks and 3 live DJ sets. The two campaigns involved users at different times and in different ways, satisfying their taste in music and encouraging them to buy Kellogg’s cereals and to participate in the Spotify promo.

TikTok challenge

The contagious rhythm of Kellogg’s Krave also conquered TikTok, spreading a funny challenge among users. We involved some TikTokers and asked them to share a video where each time they ate cereal, the music in the background changed.

The results

33.708.279 total reach
6.392.466 total views
295.033 total engagement