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Angel Schlesser Parfums : new website

UX/UI activities – digital identity

Angel Schlesser parfums website



New communication and design trends

The website has given a digital identity to the brand, and has been conceived and designed in responsive mode so that it can easily adapt to all types of devices, guaranteeing a seamless experience on all touch points. The contents are organised to engage the user to such an extent that they remain in their memory and generate an intention to purchase the products on sale over time.

Ad hoc solutions

To emphasise the emotional aspect, ad hoc 3D bottles were created. The user can get to know all the olfactory notes within each fragrance thanks to the presence of many visual inputs. There are also several touch points highlighting the human side. In fact, a page dedicated to the brand's testimonial has been created.

Interactive activity

Within the site there is a section where users will be revealed the fragrance that most closely matches their personality. There is a quiz consisting not only of technical questions, but predominantly emotional ones. Through gamification there is an immersion and discovery of fragrances that connects the user with the brand and its emotional parts.