Nastro Azzurro

The Sound Brewery Project

UX/UI, Coding


Desktop, Mobile


The Sound Brewery Project Awhyl feat. Nastro Azzurro Beer ingredients.

“The Sound Brewery Project” A Cymatics Technology Experiment

The Sound Brewery is a conceptual machine for generating music from the ingredients used to produce Nastro Azzurro beer. Water, Hops, Barley and Corn were manipulated in a unique method to create an audio looping system based on organic input.

Electronic music organically produced

The Nastro Azzurro Beer brand takes further emerging Italian talents involving a crew of young music producers in a visionary project that explores new ways to produce electronic music from natural produces. The project wants to prove that from a collaboration between talented people always comes out something extraordinary.

Audio frequencies were fed into the rotating liquid records to generate a unique visual and audio effect from the surface of the liquid.