Kellogg's Pringles

Pringles Pop To The Top

Digital and Social Media Campaign

Pringles Pop To The Top - Fortnite Map Amplification

Social (Twitch - Instagram)



"Pop to the Top, Pringles' unexpected campaign with Xister Reply, transformed the Pringles brand into an active player in the gaming world. Leveraging the first Pringles-themed island in Fortnite, the project combined unexpected fun, immersive gaming, and delicious flavors to engage some of Italy's top streamers in a series of lively Twitch events.

The Activation

Spanning four action-packed Twitch live streams, each lasting over two hours and totaling 500,000 views, the campaign brought together the exciting worlds of Pringles and Fortnite. It featured popular Italian streamers Pow3r, Piz.fn, Queen Giorgia, and Xiuder, who navigated the map's levels by taking on unique Pringles challenges tailored to the island's flavors.

The Event

The campaign culminated in an unforgettable live event at the Reply Tower in Milan. Xiuder delivered a captivating performance across four floors, each representing a different Pringles flavor linked to the map in Fortnite. This exciting journey culminated in a final two-hour live stream on the 18th floor, filled with surprises and the signature Pringles Challenge. The event concluded with an exclusive meet and greet, where fans were able to interact with their favorite streamer.