Men in Black: International

PR Stunt / Drone invasion

Men In Black



Xister Reply and the alien invasion at the Giffoni Film Festival for Men in Black: International. 


Great launch at the Giffoni Film Festival with the aliens invading the sky above #Giffoni2019. 
We created something out of this world.

The new chapter of the MIB saga has chosen the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy to present itself through a proximity marketing launch that enthusiastically involved the Giffoni people throughout the day. 

Special event, realized by xister Reply which has been wisely.

Invaded by an alien fleet

After the first sightings with thousands of unidentified flying black balloons, the sky of the Giffoni valley was invaded by an alien fleet of one hundred drones that illuminated the valley creating various choreographies of light inspired by Men In Black. A particularly engaging and original show that has delighted the public at Giffoni and brought a breath of fresh air in terms of cinema launches in Italy.