MTO Shoes Configurator

A digital retail tools to offer a unique shopping experience

xister Reply, in partneship with Protocube Reply, develops a web application that offers customers a shoes configuration experience in the Loro Piana store.

The MTO (made to order) Shoes Configurator allows customers to personalize Loro Piana iconic shoes – Open e Summer Walk.

Starting from the physical products, through the 3D rendering, it can render the physical characteristics of all the materials in a realistic way.


The customizable options are:

-  External:

29 Colors for Suede 11 Colors for Nabuk Alligator

-  Sole two way of personalization:

Color Engraving, the customer can personalize the sole with a name (max 10 characters)

-       Lining:

Calf Beaver shaved

-       Charms (available only for Summer Charms Walk), two way of personalization:

Color (Light Gold, Very Light Gold and Palladio) Charm Personalization (max 2 letters)


Media: point of sales, long-lasting, editorial, advertised