It’s Hero time for xister and Ben 10!

For the return of Ben 10 on Cartoon Network, xister produces a holographic display case that transforms children into super aliens.

Ben 10 is a 10 year old  boy who - thanks to a special bracelet received from aliens -  can transform himself into different monsters and save the world with their super powers.

After many years, Ben10 returns to Cartoon Network with a new serial and the young fans 
were able to experience first hand one of the most exciting moments of each episode: thanks to a replica of the Omnitrix, a special device that allows Ben 10 to transform himself, fans saw their alien avatar materialize in a holographic display case more than two meters high, made in collaboration with Forge Reply, an Italian company specializing in video game development.

The event, staged in the FIORI shopping mall in Milan and at the PORTE di ROMA mall in Rome, saw the participation of hundreds of children who received  ''Ben10'' gadgets  and they have had the chance to take a photo with their hero. 

CARTOON NETWORK is a Turner channel, present in 194 countries worldwide, in over 376 million homes around the world and speaks 26 languages.

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