Müller Mix Vibes

“How do you feel when you eat Müller Mix?” Xister launches a digital activation for Müller, in which users are invited to express their feelings, not in words but with the sound of their voices.

Thanks to an interactive web-tool and a mobile user-friendly approach, the sensations users express are registered, analyzed and decoded into a mix of individual emotions based on the tone of voice, the frequency and the voice intensity.

The result is the elaboration of the data in visuals and subsequent transformation in design content that expresses the emotional state at that moment of recording.

To inspire and activate the users to participate on www.mullermixvibes.it, xister created a launch video featuring a young woman in the grip of an irrepressible raptus of pleasure, triggered by the tasting of Müller Mix.

In order to support the operation, some famous influencers, Giorgia Palmas, Filippa Lagerback and Irene Colzi, were engaged to express their Müller Mix inspired emotions via their voices, and a competition was set up for winners to try and win exclusive Boscolo weekends.

Media: web, social, advertised