Benvenuti a casa mia

Xister launches Philippe De Chauveron's new movie, Benvenuti a casa mia, with a fun experiment on social channels.

The movie is a comedy dealing with contemporary themes such as immigration policies, integration and hospitality. Focusing on hospitality, Xister engaged Giancarlo Magalli, a leading Italian tv host and Italian voice-actor for the main character of the movie, played by Christian Clavier. In a video posted on FB, Magalli challenges his many followers to prove their real affection for him by inviting him over for dinner. Do his Facebook "friends" follow him just because he's fun, or are they open and ready to have deeper contact with him, in their home? Hundreds of people answered the challenge, daring to write their real address in the comments posted under the video. One of them finally had the chance to welcome Magalli as a guest in his home, shared with several flat-mates, and the evening was obviously filmed and posted on social channels.

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