Inspired cooking, to turn garnish into a main ingredient.

Calvé aimed to reposition Mayonnaise as an ingredient that enriches many recipes. There is a simple but strong idea behind the whole project: being inspired while cooking allows anyone to easily create tasty dishes. "VistoCheBuono" (Italian for "Good, isn't it?") is both a web platform and a blog, a place where users can find many recipes and editorial content, video-recipes and the new Musiricette™ (Musical-recipes) i.e. musical selections alternated with cooking instructions, so you can cook-along while enjoying good music. Another important part of the project is its categorization of recipes based on their use: "Wherever you are", "Off Hour", "Ready in a few minutes", etc. Moreover, xister developed the new tool "Tweet&Downloads" that allows users to download a .pdf version of a recipe in exchange for a tweet.

Media: long-lasting, editorial