Italy’s #1 Brand of Chocolate and We Love It.

xister launches the new Perugina Website and gives a new look to the FB page. A new look&feel and new contents to redefine the Brand’s digital presence.

The Nestlé sub-brand, Perugina, Italy’s #1 brand of chocolate, asked xister to create the new corporate website: a journey through the brand’s DNA, its values and products.


The new website has been mobile-optimized to grant full access from every device, giving a complete overview of all Perugina Products: from pralines to new products, such as the new Tablo’.


Perugina also represents the art of making the finest chocolate with great tradition, that’s why we included a section dedicated to “La Scuola del Cioccolato”, an actual school where people can learn about Perugina’s secret tips on how to make chocolate. In this section, users can find out about the courses that have been organized and check availability.


The entire portal is enriched with useful tips, recipes, news and information, to keep customers updated on Perugina’s latest news.


The Brand has also renewed its social media look , offering users a new official presence with a completely new look&feel and new editorial contents.

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