Take Your Passions Seriously

The reward “Cuore Peroni” platform is now available as a smartphone App, allowing users to participate in Peroni challenges directly from their mobile phones.

Play anytime and anywhere with Cuore Peroni.


Users can install the Cuore Peroni reward platform on their smartphones with an App that allows them to partcipate in Peroni challenges directly from their mobile devices.


The challenges include tasks ranging from taking pictures to checking into different places at established times.  


The development of an App for iOs and Android has helped Peroni create an easier and quicker way to participate in the challenges launched by Cuore Peroni, the digital platform that encourages and rewards fans’ social interaction. Specific challenges and rewards were created to increase app downloads.



AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/cuore-peroni/id878614014

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